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Working tables – learning to serve and how not to react

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working tablesEver heard the term that “there’s more to what meets the eyes”? Well, in this case, it’s all true. In as much as varsity students can opt for temporary student jobs in-between classes to pass the time and make moolah on holiday; here’s how to get being a waitress or waiter right, what to do and what not to do, under any circumstance.

What they don’t tell you…

Like any job, working tables comes with a lot of rights and responsibilities. Unlike other jobs, what you may not know about working tables is that a shift can entail being on your feet and running around non-stop for up to 12 hours. Depending on where you are working, in exceptional cases, you may even be required to work double shifts for low base pay that is mainly founded on tips.

The pressure to suck it up and carry on working

You WILL encounter rude, impatient, broke, and downright disorderly clients. Standing up for yourself becomes ever so tough when one works in a job that depends on tips.

Those who have been in the business for a while will tell you that drunk customers can be a problem and unlike in other professions, screaming, blatant sexual harassment, belittlement and over prejudice often comes with the package – and so does the pressure to overlook and forgive – all in the hopes of getting that 10% tip.

What it all boils down to…

In the end, perhaps working tables teaches you about Self and the impact of our actions. It shows how much impact our actions can have on others and that while we cannot directly control the actions of others, we can – and should – take ownership of our thoughts and actions.

No matter the norms on social media or the popularly accepted behaviours; such jobs teach us that everyone is on a journey and worthy of the highest respect. In working tables, you will be challenged with your values, the call to quit, finding your limit and even confronted to stand up for yourself. If the time comes to act accordingly, when it comes, may you please stand up and act on the side of that which is right, and humanity.

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