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Work Hard, Play Safe

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Work Hard, Play Safe

Being at college or university should be fun.  You need to balance all that studying with some good times, after all.

When you mix large numbers of people and alcohol, however, things can get a bit sketchy sometimes.  Here’s a guide to the risks associated with partying, and how to reduce the possibility of getting hurt – or arrested.

Statistically, most violence towards women students come in the form of sexual assault and rape.  If you’re drinking at a club or a house party, watch your drink at all times.  If you leave it unattended, don’t drink it, rather get a new drink.  Unfortunately date-rape drugs are used in this country to incapacitate and assault women.

Violence towards male students is usually in the form of drunken fighting at bars and after parties.  If someone starts in on you and threatens you for a real or perceived slight, just apologise and get out of there.  It may not feel like the manliest thing to do, but put your pride in your pocket and do it – you don’t want to end up in hospital.

General rules

  • Always have a designated driver, who can be trusted not to drink and get you all home safely.  You can take turns with your friends in taking this honourable duty.
  • Always go home with the people you came out with.  Look after your friends.
  • Drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink. This will stop you from becoming too intoxicated, and also decrease the chances of having a killer hangover the next morning.

Another negative effect of partying is more long term.  Those students who go out drinking almost every night are usually the ones who drop out and end up not getting a degree.  Don’t be one of them!

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