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Willpower: The understated ingredient to success

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There are many secrets to success. Some even dare to call them the ingredients that are vital building blocks to materialise dreams. Attitude, hard work, discipline, eating right, exercise, creativity, saving, avoiding procrastination and an endless list of more tips exist. Yet there is one understated thing which facilitates all the above mentioned factors. It is none other than willpower.

From the horse’s mouth

Without willpower, it is almost impossible to stay disciplined and endure when it gets tough. Arabian horses are trained in the scorching heat of Middle East deserts. The trainer puts them through rigorous tests and forces them to go for several days without water.

The horses are then released and instinctively gallop towards water, but just as they drink, the trainer blows his whistle as an instruction to stop. Horses that have been vigorously trained and have willpower, will not drink the water they so desperately desire, but pace back to the trainer.

Forget “go for it”, willpower calls out to nothingness

Society dictates how you should enjoy yourself and go for it. Adverts fill us with the idea that the time to live is right now and one should indulge yourself as you wish.

Rather than satisfying your flesh, willpower whispers “not now”. Willpower rises against instant gratification and calls out for waiting. It promotes doing nothing when all your friends are leaving to party on the night before your exam. It calls out to thinking ahead.

You can’t have willpower and be cool (comply with social culture); only you can decide which you most desire.

Drive in reverse

While the youth is fully engaged in speeding ahead towards nearby pleasures, willpower lifts up the standard for better discipline and self-control. Like an athlete with the goal in sight, you may have to beat your body black and blue (not literally) in order to instruct your psyche to stick to the tough mental and physical training regiments necessary to transform you into an Olympic gold medallist. At times it may feel like you are going against the grain and driving in reverse because you can’t grow willpower if you don’t go against the grain.

Whichever way you look at it; willpower is a necessary component needed in order to achieve your goals. It is necessary to grow and to instil a resilient spirit within you that rises after defeat and shows up even when afraid.

Willpower knows the difference between misuse and abuse and will always promote self-love, even if it means walking away from “fun”. If there’s anything you cultivate this year, let it be willpower. Your future self will thank you for it.

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