Why You Should Consider a Career in Software Development

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Are you still in high school trying to choose a career path? Or perhaps you’re already at Varsity, but aren’t so sure about the course you originally selected. There are many reasons why you may want to consider exploring the realm of software development and e-skills in general.

The Market is Growing… Fast!

Technology is constantly evolving. Countless employers are now in search of qualified software developers to fill impressive positions within their companies. According to online job portal, Adzuna, the market is growing extremely fast. It’s described as the fastest growing job market of our time!

Unemployment is still a big issue in our country. Wouldn’t it be a wise decision to enter a career where the job opportunities are in abundant?

It Pays Well

Is making good money important to you? You can’t go wrong with a career in software development and engineering. The current average salary for a software developer in Johannesburg is R519,936 per year. That equates to just over R43k per month before tax.

Pretty impressive, right?

The Realm is Mesmerising

You’ll never be bored as a software developer. Think artificial intelligence, virtual reality, plenty of room to get creative. It’s the perfect job for someone with a passion for technology.

Keen? Great! There are a few routes that you can take to become a software developer.

You can choose to study:

  • A Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences,
  • A Diploma in Information Technology and Software Development,
  • Or even a BSc/BEng CS degree.

There’s also an opportunity to study for a postgraduate diploma in e-skills. (Recently launched by the University of the Western Cape.)

At the end of the day, the route that you take will depend on your personal preferences and career goals. Remember to do plenty of research on the degree or diploma courses available. And on the institutions that offer them too!

When it comes to IT and software development, not all universities and colleges were created equal.

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