Why and How to Clear the Cache on Your Devices

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A couple of months ago, we taught you how to spring clean your social media accounts. This blog is an extension of that, with a focus on clearing the cache on every single one of your devices – from your smart phone to your laptop and even your tablet.

Just as you need to throw / give away old clothes from your wardrobe in order to make room for the latest fashions in your student Digz accommodation, you need to do the same when it comes to your hard drives. Clearing out the clutter – be it personal stuff or data, is also really great for the soul.

What is ‘the Cache’?

The cache refers to a hidden memory of specific things, like your passwords, previously visited websites, saved images and files, and login information, on your browser. The cache builds up automatically in an effort to streamline and enhance your browsing experience; however, if left to accumulate for too long, it could start causing you a range of problems instead.

What Happens if I Don’t Clear the cache Regularly?

If you don’t clear the cache on a regular basis, there’s a chance that your device will start to slow down quite significantly over time. You could also begin to run into more 404 errors when browsing (often a result of a corrupted cache). Avoid this by clearing the cache at least once every few months.

Ok, So How Do I Do clear my cache?

In order to clear the cache on your desktop or laptop (if you’re using Chrome), simply go to: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the browser bar, click “Advanced”, select “Browsing history”, “Download history”, “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files”. Finally, click on “Clear Data”.

Clearing the cache on a Mac is even easier because you can make use of a cleaning utility system known as CleanMyMac3 which you can download for free. All that you have to do is open the programme, select “System Junk”, click “Scan” and then “Clean”. Alternatively, open a Finder window, select “Go to Folder” in the Go menu and type in ~/Library/Caches then hit enter to proceed to this folder and clear the cache. Optional – you can highlight and copy all the cache to a different folder in case there is an error!

Mobile phones

If you use an Android powered smart phone, you can clear the cache by opening Settings and clicking on “Application Manager”. Next, swipe to the “All” tab and find and select your web browser. From there, you’ll click “Clear Data” and finally “Clear Cache”.

If you’re using iOs and you browse with Chrome, go to your settings in the Chrome menu, click “Privacy”, then “Clear Browsing Data”. Select the data type that you want to clear, and click “Clear Browsing Data”.

And VOILA. It’s as easy as that…

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