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When The Lights Go Out: 10 Ways to Cope with Loadshedding

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This whole load shedding thing can be a real pain in the butt, especially when you’re not prepared for it. Well, look no further than these 10 simple steps to make the experience more manageable and ultimately, have fun while the lights are out.

Check the schedule
This is the most useful tool in your arsenal. Use the City Power website to stay ahead of the game.

Invest in some solar powered lights
Head down to your nearest garden store or China shop to get some nifty solar powered lighting. Most of the products you’ll find are affordable and pretty hardy. You could leave them outside until you need them. This will save you having to remember to charge them in advance. There are also cheap, rechargeable torches out there so keep your eyes peeled.

Write To-Do lists for when you have power
This is very important: be prepared to do the important stuff while you have the power to do it. If you know you’ll need to finish an assignment during the cut, then make sure your laptop is fully charged ahead of time. And for those who are a bit more flush, you could even fork out for a portable powerbank cellphone charger for those longer cuts.

Make an emergency candle stash
For those unforeseen circumstances, candles make a great last resort for lighting. If and when you do need them, be sure to use them responsibly.

Stay cool
While the power is out, avoid opening and closing the fridge to conserve the cold within. Also, keep food on hand that you can eat cold. Bread, spreadables, fruit and various snack items will be life savers while you wait.

And what about during the dreaded power cut?

Go outside
While you have to be away from your electronics, why not take a walk or sit outside to re-energise with some sunshine and fresh air?

Catch up on some Zzz’s
Curl up in bed or on a sofa, and fall into a peaceful, undisturbed slumber. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to carry on with your day once things return to normal.

Write to someone
It’s never a bad time to tell someone you appreciate them, so pick up a pen and be honest about how much they mean to you.

Call a friend
If sitting in the dark by yourself is not your thing, get social by calling a friend to come over. This is the kind of quality chill time you don’t get very often.

Do things you’ve been avoiding
You’ll feel an awesome sense of achievement after finally doing that thing you needed to do, like folding laundry or organising your lonely socks into pairs.

So, with the tools to survive, it’s not all bad, but whatever you end up doing, watch out with those candles!Beat Load Shedding


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