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What’s your Power Animal?

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In many cultures, animals symbolise specific characteristics that we can draw on to help us in our daily lives. People often find that they resonate with a specific animal because they either value those qualities or because they need them.

To identify your totem or power animal, notice which one catches your attention. It may often pop into your thoughts, or you could dream about it or repeatedly see it in real life, in movies or online. Then research its qualities to see how they apply to you.

Your animal could be anything from a lion to an ant (insects, reptiles and birds count too). You may even have more than one, or choose to work with several, as you need them. Here are some examples of animals, with just a few of their qualities:

Ant: Detail-oriented, extremely strong for its size, works well with others
Bear: Brave, powerful, nurturing, relaxed unless threatened
Butterfly: Light, playful, a symbol of transformation
Cat: Independent, agile, mysterious, intelligent, patient, watchful
Cheetah: Capable of huge speed, hunter, well camouflaged
Dog: Loyal, fun-loving, protective, compliant, supportive
Dolphin: Playful, joyful, healing, co-operative
Eagle: Majestic, powerful, far-seeing, sees the big picture and the detail
Elephant: Dignified, reliable, has an excellent memory, family-oriented
Horse: Grace, power, strength, nobility
Lion: Confident, courageous, assertive, a leader
Monkey: Intelligent, playful, agile, cheeky, energetic
Mouse: Quiet, clever, humble, determined, grounded
Owl: Wise, intuitive, sees beyond the obvious
Rhino: Powerful, protected, grounded, steady, solitary
Snake: Adaptable, grounded, healing ability, a symbol of transformation
Squirrel: Balanced, resourceful, energetic, playful
Whale: Peaceful, intelligent, wise, family-oriented, excellent communicator
Wolf: Loyal, cunning, generous, compassionate, family-oriented
Zebra: Adaptable, social, playful, stubborn, sees things in black and white

How to work with your power animal

First, connect with it. There are several ways to do this:

• Imagine it – you could visualise it or hear the sound it makes
• Collect pictures of it, either to stick around your room or use as a screen saver
• Get a carving or statue of it

Then when you need its qualities, respectfully ask it to help you. For example, if you need courage, you could call on Lion, or if you need to study for exams, you could ask Elephant to help you remember the information. You may be surprised at the difference it makes!

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