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What’s Your Love Language?

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Our ‘love language’ describes what others can do to make us feel loved and cared for, and everyone’s is different. Find out the love language of those you care about by noticing how they respond to different things (or get them to do the quiz here), then ‘speak’ to them in their language. Let them know your language too, and with any luck, they’ll repay the favour.

So what are the languages?

Words of affirmation
These people respond best when you praise or appreciate them, either verbally or in writing, and affectionate words or inspiring quotes can make their day. Try leaving little notes in unexpected places.

Quality time
Spending time with this person is the greatest gift you can give them. Whether you’re taking part in some adventurous activity or just hanging out together, it’s all about your physical presence. Schedule time for them, then make sure you show up and give them your full attention.

Receiving gifts
These people love gifts, whether it’s a simple wildflower or diamond jewellery – the most important thing is that it’s appropriate and shows they’re in your thoughts. Giving a memento to mark an occasion wins extra brownie points.

Physical touch
Physical affection means everything to this type of person. Depending on the nature of your relationship, try holding their hand, giving them a hug or touching them on the shoulder as you pass by.

Acts of service
Helping them out with something practical will make this person feel looked after and cared for. Carry their shopping, cook them dinner or help them put up a shelf. They’ll be forever in your debt, and willing to help you out in return.

It doesn’t matter who you’re interacting with – friends, family members or your boyfriend/girlfriend – everyone has a love language. Identify it, use it and share that love!

For more on the Five Languages of Love or to find out yours read the book by Gary Chapman or delve deeper into his website on the link above.

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