What’s your Natural Action Style?

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Human beings are all unique.  Because we have different characteristics that make up our personality, there are some ways of doing things that work better for us than others.  When we are required to do something someone else’s way, we may well feel stupid or like a failure, when in fact we are just out of our instinctive comfort zone.  We can learn to work in a different style, but it won’t be the most effective for us.

So are you:

A Quick Start?
These people like to jump straight into things and generally are not interested in reading the instruction manual first.  At most they might ask someone for a few tips on where to start.   They learn by trial and error, and their best strategy is to get involved and figure things out as they go.

A Fact Finder?
Fact Finders like as much information as possible before they start.  They are likely to read the instruction manual from front to back, then come up with more questions.  Their best strategy is to research their intended course of action in depth beforehand and to get completely comfortable with it before taking action.

An Implementer?
These are the hands-on people who like to work things out in a tangible way.  They are better with physical actions and images than words.  Their best strategy is to draw up a diagram, create a model or get someone to demonstrate what they plan to do, so they can get a feel for it before trying it themselves.

A Follow Thru?
These people like to work within very orderly systems, where everything has its place and they can see how each part is related to the whole.  Their best strategy is to work through things step by step, starting with the easiest step and then moving onto the more complex ones, preferably with an expert available to consult as they go.

None of these is better than the others – it’s just about recognising what works for us.  Once we know what our personal style is, we can strategise how to most easily and effectively get things done ourselves, or team up with others who have different styles to complement our own.

Note: If you haven’t figured out your style yet, you can take a test here (for a fee): http://www.kolbe.com/

Image credit:  Blessed Mama via Pinterest

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