Craft Beer in Braamfontein

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Ready to take a break from your usual Castle draft in exchange for a creative craft beer? If so, we’ve got a list of local must-visits for you! Craft beer refers to a beer that has been created in a slightly less traditional manner, using slightly less common ingredients. The result is a wide array of flavours and a new experience every time.

Over the last few years, craft beer has risen in popularity within South Africa, and you’ll be chuffed to discover that some of the best craft beer hot spots can be found right here in the ‘hood!

Here is a list of some of the top craft beer hot spots to visit in Braamfontein.

Anti Est.

If you have ever been to Anti Est. you will know that it is one of the best places to go to chill out with some mates and have a few drinks. While it can get crowded over the weekend, the exciting drink selection certainly makes up for it.

There are a few interesting bottled craft beers to try and enjoy, from Weiss beer to Touro Tripple Blonde and more.

Neighbourgoods Market

This market is now the talk of the town – and for good reason! Not only can you get your hands on some fresh new threads and a couple ‘one of a kind’ trinkets for your dorm room, but you can also explore the exciting world of craft beer.

There are a number of food and drink stalls selling some of Joburg’s finest. You’ll definitely want to sample a bottle or two!

Pub 34

Along with an extensive list of both local and imported beers and ciders, Pub 34 boasts a few craft beer delights too. If classic pub food and a great night out sound like a plan, there really is no better place to be.


Everyone who’s anyone knows that Kitchener’s is where it’s at! Best known for serving up some of the best burgers in Braamfontein (you have to try their classic Joburger), they have also recently started collecting a few creative craft beers. Go check it out for yourself…

Quick tip – the next time you’re in Braamfontein and you’re in search of craft beer, make your way to Juta street. You will never, ever go wrong there! Cheers!

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