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What’s all the hype about Pilates?

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It’s easy for a passerby to see what the hype is to a cycling or aerobics class. Yet, when it comes to Pilates, its awkward watching a group of peeps. Sitting on balls while squirming in agony. It is hard to understand from a distance or relate it back to a friend.

Pilates is something you need to experience for yourself. It is all about holding poses and getting your muscles tired. Cringes, sighs, collapses and strained faces are all common sights during one of these classes. Something undeniable is happening, but it is not clearly visible from the onset.

Be still…

What captures the attention is, that unlike rigorous and strenuous activities, Pilates class can seem rather calm. You may even wonder if anything is happening. It calls you forth. Invites you to breathe. Focuses you inwards while torturing your muscles and chiselling you into shape.

Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, crafted movements which emphasize the use of the mind to control the muscles. There’s so much more to the exercise techniques than physical workouts. You need to be still and dig deep. There is a level of awareness that is involved. There is a stillness amidst the gasps and sweaty brows. You cannot do Pilates without inner silence.


Within the first 5 minutes, of a class, you learn about the importance of control. Controlling your mind. Controlling your body. Controlling your spirit, when it is shaking from your core in tiredness. But you command it to keep going on. You learn to control your mind and shut everything else out so that you can focus on the pose.

It comes as no wonder why Joseph Pilates initially called the Pilates techniques, “Contrology”. The techniques are specifically crafted to balance your body, mind and spirit. They burn calories, keep the heart pumping and are characterized by subtle poses, precise body movements and controlled rhythmic breathing.

Work those balls

Don’t be deceived by the subtleness of it all. While it may not be a combative sport, but rather one that uses a soft light weight ball, its not for sissies. If you don’t believe us, check out these epic ball fails. Don’t however let that deter you from learning the correct Pilates techniques to strengthen your core. Start by replacing your digz chair with a workout ball for when you’re working in front of the computer.

Pilates is great for improving your overall fitness, improving physical and mental control, correcting your posture, toning and strengthening your core muscles and improving flexibility.

Do it for your hips and buttocks and the rest of the above-mentioned perks.

Just do it!

Your body and mind will thank you.

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