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What To Do, What to Do?

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Let’s face it, everyone loves a lie-in on days off. Occasionally though, you may feel like doing something a bit different. Luckily there’s plenty going on in the Gauteng area to keep you both entertained and educated.

World of Beer
If you’re a fan of one of the most popular beverages in the world, doing a tour at the World of Beer will definitely satisfy your thirst (for knowledge). With holograms, screens and movies describing the history and process of making beer, you’ll soon be an expert on the subject. The entry fee for students is R95, and as an added bonus, you’ll get some beer on the house.

Wits Origins Centre
Wondering where you came from? Visit the Origins Centre at Wits in Braamfontein to find out all about the history of humankind, back through the last 80,000 years. Original rock art and stone tools are on display, along with a multitude of information about the San culture people, and whatever temporary exhibitions happen to be on when you visit. Bring your student ID to get in for R40.
Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park
Fascinated by reptiles? Learn all about them at Croc City near Fourways. If you’re feeling brave, you can handle a baby crocodile, as well as snakes and a tarantula. And for the super-brave, the latest attraction is a zip line which runs right over the crocodile enclosures.  Entrance fees are R75, with the zip line an extra R95.

ABSA Money Museum
The Money Museum on Troye Street tells the story of the history of money since Joburg was established, and describes how it has been affected by the history of the country since then. You can also view displays of other, older forms of currency, as well as learn about more modern day issues like bank-related crime and how to save money. It’s only open on weekdays, but entrance is free so this one is a real bargain!

Details do tend to change at a moment’s notice, so before you visit, check opening times and entrance fees online or give the venue a call.

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