As a parent whose child is becoming a young adult and heading off to university, you are probably thinking a lot about the quality of education they will receive. Student Digz recognises the importance of good quality tertiary education, and we strive to create a safe and study-friendly environment in every building we manage.

At Student Digz we take the well-being of our residents very seriously. With this in mind, we use the latest biometric access control technology in our buildings and provide 24 hour security to all residents.

Our student accommodation is comfortable and well-maintained, with dedicated study areas and fair but firm house rules that encourage responsible behaviour and put an emphasis on studying as well as social activities.

Student Digz is managed by the IHS Property Management, offering our residents a well-managed student accommodation solution that will give parents peace of mind when they send their children to university.

What parents should know about student accommodation

Student Digz:

  • offers a controlled envronment that is allows young people to spread their wings
  • is accredited by both the Universities of Johannesburg and Wits
  • has an elected Student Representative Council which looks after the interests of the student tenants
  • has its own sponsored soccer team, the Amadigzdigz
  • has capacity for over 2000 students
  • has social workers available
  • hosts great security, with new secure entrances with biometric access at all buildings
  • has an aesthetically sleek, functioning canteen and convenience store at the Precinct
  • has communal chill areas