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What is hybrid learning and is it for you?

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hybrid learning vs online learningIf 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that it’s possible to take the most of our activities online, and still enjoy a rich and varied work and study environment. So by now, you know all about online learning and its benefits, but what is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning blends the best aspects of face-to-face and online learning

Hybrid learning is similar to blended learning in that it is a combination of in-person and online study.

What makes hybrid learning different, is that it comprises physical classes (with some students attending in-person) that are live-streamed so that online learners can log in and participate. Students have all the benefits of face-to-face learning – such as interacting with their peers, asking questions and taking part in group discussions. However, they have the flexibility to choose whether they want to attend in-person or not.

Hybrid learning includes some aspects of blended learning too

Blended learning is not conducted live. It combines face to face classes with pre-made study resources like videos and study guides. Hybrid learners can study online, or in person, but can also go back and access recorded resources for revision and in-depth study.

Is hybrid learning right for you?

If you:

  • Are concerned about Covid-19 and want to maintain social distancing
  • Want a fuller online education experience that feels similar to face-to-face
  • Want to study online, but still build relationships with your peers and lecturers
  • Need flexibility due to your location or your work schedule
  • Are comfortable with managing your own time

Then hybrid learning could be just what you need!

Over the past year, the world didn’t stop turning just because of social distancing. People didn’t stop learning and moving forward with their studies. In fact, many students flourished in their studies – because online learning not only offers flexibility, it also provides a more focused learning environment.

This is a unique period of human history and you’re living through it. It has changed the way we think about learning. Enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer!

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