What is creativity?

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Are you in lack? Are you looking for something in your life that is simply not there? Then you may be in need of a creative solution. Creative? Yes. For too long social norms have wrongfully defined creativity. Career counselling places it as one of the vital life skills that is not within everyone.

You’re told based on your drawings and writings if you’re creative or not. Creativity is positioned as though it is a gift that you either have or don’t. “Uncreative” people are told that they will forever be fixed cookie-cutter shapes. “Creatives” are forever compared to dreamers who merely flourish in make-belief.

What is creativity?

Can you draw really well? Were you the type of child that could make up crazy stories of imaginary monsters and goblins in your room? Can you compose your own songs, artworks or designs? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you fit into the socially defined definitions of creativity.

Yet what about great organisers, peeps who are the whizz with numbers and those with a passion to step into the medical fraternity to heal others? Traditional norms often classify them as being more objective and “orderly”. All words are used, except for creative.

A call to [re]define creativity

What if this particular socially accepted approach was inaccurate? What if creativity was not just something for the elect? What if you too were creative regardless of your natural inclinations? Contrary to popular beliefs, creativity lies in all of us! It may be activated or dormant, but it is there.

Creativity should rightfully be defined as bringing something new into existence. It is thinking with your soul awake. We all have the power to birth a vision and to bring it to fruition. There is a life force in each one of us that can create anew. We all have the creative capability to start a business. We can all find innovative solutions to improve the way things are done in whatever career we pursue.

The world is desperately waiting for you to write that book. Start a business. Grow a garden. Pursue your qualification and go into the workforce as a creative life source. You can be a positive disruptor if you celebrate your innate gifts and differences. There’s an undefined creative in you longing to be unleashed.

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