We’ve done recycle – now it’s a wardrobe up-cycle

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With the world the way it is at the moment, you’ve possibly got a LOT of free time on your hands. Add to that a bit of cabin fever boredom and a craving for pretty new things (that you can’t have because browsing your fave shops for hours is now a no-no). Our solution? Get crafty and start a wardrobe upcycle with these budget fashion tips!

Easy ways to upcycle your wardrobe

1. Dye it

You can buy fabric dye from most chemists. Hand dye (using hot or cold water) is your best bet as machine dye can stain your washing machine. Follow the instructions on the packet, and you’ll see that it’s really simple to dye your clothes and keep up with the latest fashion trends and colours!

2. Tie-dye or reverse tie-dye

You don’t need to dye your clothes a solid colour – tie-dying is such fun (and great for upcycling older fabrics that might dye a little unevenly anyway). Just scrunch sections of your clothing item and tie off with elastic bands before submerging in the dye. Or, if you have dark clothing you want to upcycle, use bleach instead of dye for a reverse tie-dye effect! Click here for an easy tie-dye tutorial.

3. Cut things up

Stretchy cotton knit t-shirts and denim jeans are perfect for upcycling because you can cut these fabrics without needing to stitch the seams. Cut the neck out of a t-shirt (or sweatshirt) and make it wider, for an unstructured off the shoulder look. Cut your old, long jeans into shorts and fray the ends for boho denim vibes.

4. Add lace, patches or buttons

This one requires a bit of simple sewing (or you can try using fabric glue, but sewing is better and lasts longer). Buy some pretty lace, embroidered badges and patches, and interesting buttons from your local fabric shop. Want to update a plain sweater? Sew some lace to the cuffs and neck. Hole in your favourite jeans? Patch it with a strawberry-shaped badge! Buttons missing from a shirt? Take them all off, and replace with new, fun buttons.

We might be living in very strange times, but that doesn’t mean life (or your wardrobe) needs to be boring. So go on – get creative and start setting some fashion trends of your own!

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