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Waste not want not – food swapping

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Food swapping

What on earth is food swapping? It is so much more than “swapping food”. It is about a community of food lovers who come together to exchange something edible they have helped to create. The food is then swapped for something else that also has a personal touch.

While this may still be a relatively new idea in South Africa, the world has latched on to this budget-friendly phenomenon. This is why you should join and/or start a food swapping event today.

Reduce wastage

Spring comes with an abundance of seasonal produce. Luscious fruits, herbs and vegetables fill grocery aisles. This promotes in-store bulk discounts on seasonal sales. As a student, you can buy the same ingredient in bulk to make something delicious to take along to your next food swapping event.

Get it all

Varsity joins together people from all corners of SA and the world. Rather than eating your one special meal or toasted sandwiches; food swapping allows you to get hold of fresh ingredients predominantly found in a specific region.

Experience your food

Instead of just grabbing a can of guavas and tossing it into your shopping basket; you get to know the story behind the food. Perhaps the home canned guavas or guava jam from your roomie could be from their farm in Venda and lovingly created using their family recipe.

Diversify your menu

Food swapping should be a well-coordinated event. It can be from as little as two people and works best when people RSVP in advance and also state what they will be bringing. It is usually free.

Set up a food swapping day yourself and invite members from your student digz or your class to join you. It’s wonderful how you go there with a handful of the same food and leave with basketfuls of variety.

Food comes alive with food swapping. The sampling, budget-friendly recipe exchanges and story sharing of how the food came about; make it a fun social engagement. It is great for those who value budgeting and can expose you to foods from a different culture. Just make sure that the food is lovingly prepared according to strict hygienic practices. What more can we say? Start food swapping today!

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