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Varsity organisations – Don’t just resume them – “do” them

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Student life is not all about studying – what you do in your free time is just as important. Extracurricular student activities are a vital, yet often neglected aspect of student life. While it’s true that joining a few varsity organisations can provide you with some interesting additions for your CV, you’ll find that there are many other benefits.

A lot of students sign up for clubs and societies just to build their resume – and they’re missing out! Getting involved in student societies that allow you to explore your passion, connect with friends and learn new skills.

Make new friends

Student organisations are a wonderful place to connect with people. If you’re a bit shy and your university is large, making friends can feel a little daunting. Joining a club is a way of putting yourself out there – that doesn’t need to involve a drunken night out on the town.

Follow your passion

What’s your passion? Varsity organisations are an especially good outlet for students who have a cause that is close to their heart – whether it’s the LGBT movement, environmental activism or animal rights.

Learn a different set of skills

Your degree provides you with knowledge, but not much in the way of real-life skills. Participating in student activities and being truly involved in varsity organisations can help you learn many skills – from how to deal with different types of people and leadership, to project management and organisation skills.

A meaningful addition to your CV

Even if you have a dozen clubs and societies on your resume, potential employers can spot inauthentic participation from a mile away. Employers don’t necessarily care about what organisations you are a part of. But what they do care about is your passion, commitment and involvement.

There are hundreds of student organisations available for you to join right now, with enough variety to cater to many different interests. Get involved for the right reasons, and experience personal growth that’s worth more than any addition to your resume.

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