Untraditional feast of recipes for any season

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untraditional feast of recipesJust because things have always been done this way, does not mean the tradition should continue without being challenged or bettered. For example, if your annual traditional gourmet food primarily consists of refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats; it may be time to incorporate vegetables, whole-grain salads and herbs. Here are some untraditional recipes and cooking tips for any festive season.

You are what you eat

Is your traditional festive menu rooted on pap and buttery potatoes year in and year out? Why not spice things up a bit without neglecting your cultural diversity and festive foods. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with our beloved comfort food faves, large quantities thereof are not “summer body” pals. Therefore, try and ration out on portion size control by incorporating bite-sized carbohydrates. Here are delicious starter ideas that incorporate our beloved carbohydrates but in smaller serving sizes.

  • Bite-sized mielie pap tarts
  • Rice cakes topped with bright seasonal fruits
  • Mini oven-baked mashed potato swirls, topped with grated cheese

Incorporate summer fruits and vegetables

Not only will the incorporation of seasonal fruits pack in an assortment of nutrients, flavours, complex carbs and fibre to your diet, but it will also save you a whole lot of money than seeking out imported foods. Budget-friendly recipes are not just good for money matters, but can also boost your health and fitness.

The incorporation of seasonal foods should not just be something left for Christmas festivities but should be a part of your all-year lifestyle eating habits. Here are some recipes to consider that pack in the seasonal goodness from nature to your plate.

  • Crispy julienne carrots glazed with golden honey and poppy seeds
  • Sautéed green beans with pumpkin seeds and sprits of tangy lemon
  • Summer fruit served in a scooped watermelon shell topped with yoghurt
  • Fresh watermelon frappé (watermelon, fruit juice and crushed ice)

You can still enjoy your braai without guilt by incorporating more veggies on your plate. Also, take precaution not to add too much salt or spices with salt.

What is a traditional festive meal without family recipe secrets and traditional ginger beer you might ask? Maybe give it new life by fusing traditional ginger beer into modern cocktails. Whatever you eat and drink, you need to remember that there is life after this meal. So let your menu add vitality to your health and work towards serving a melting pot that unites you with your loved ones.

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