Uncovering Your Signature Style

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signature styleThe varsity experience is largely about finding and embracing your own identity. Developing your signature style when it comes to fashion is a big part of that. The question is, how exactly do you go about defining your personal style, especially when your taste tends to change alongside global fashion trends? Here are some guidelines.

Choose a celeb style icon

The celebrities whom you most admire from a style perspective can provide you with plenty of insight into your own fashion identity. So, who is the one celeb that you think always looks bomb no matter what they wear? Consider creating a Pinterest board of your favourite looks of theirs (or a mixed board of different celebs and the many outfits that you love) and try to find patterns and trends.

Perhaps you notice that you tend to prefer neutral colours over bright and vibrant shades? Or maybe it becomes obvious that you gravitate towards a more feminine, edgy, or boho aesthetic? Whatever discoveries you make, they will provide you with a decent grounding to ensure a successful shopping trip in the near future.

Play around with colour

Ever heard someone shout ‘That jersey is SO your colour!’ and felt flattered, but also slightly confused about what it meant? The reality is that everyone looks incredible in certain colours and less than incredible in others.

Your ‘colour’ depends on many factors, such as which colours leave you feeling attractive and confident, your skin tone, the colour of your eyes, and the colour of your hair. Play around with various hues to get a feel for which ones work for you and which ones don’t, and don’t hesitate to ask for a friend or relative’s opinion.

DIY some new threads in your signature style

Now that you have a pretty good general idea of what sort of clothing you like, as well as what looks good on you, you will probably be dying to get yourself some new threads. The only thing holding you back from a fashion splurge? Your student budget.

Save money by shopping at vintage or charity stores, or grab your old items and DIY them into new and exciting pieces. There are countless video and Pinterest tutorials to get you started. Don’t forget to photograph your faves and share them with us on our Facebook page using the hashtag #MySignatureStyle

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