Uncommon pathways to sharpening your entrepreneurial skills

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There is no defined pathway to mastering entrepreneurship. Authors have written strategic books and folk-tales add more theories than solutions. Some believe that the best way is to venture head-on into the entrepreneurial space. Others reason that one should first master your entrepreneurial skills and the corporate jungle before going solo.

Regardless of whether you aim to be a teen boss from the onset or want to first gain industry experience in the work force; here are some not so common pathways to harness much needed skills.

1. Embrace the weirdos

Entrepreneurs need to be able to read between the lines as well as come up with innovative solutions. Formal education may inspire you to think in a certain way to solve problems, but well-reputable entrepreneurs use that to go even further. They dare to use unconventional and sometimes weird ideas to shine.

There are corporate fields where you can captivate through embracing your weirdo side. These include design, architecture and advertising. The skills you learn through design can help you take your product or service to new heights the day that you branch out to be your own boss.

2. Click yourself to a goldmine

Are you that peep who is tempted to check your social media news feeds even when visiting someone bashed up in hospital? Perhaps the urge finds you in church and you want to fast-track time so that you can click on. If this is you, grab a library book and click some more into finding out the strategies and opportunities behind social media management.

Not only have some successfully crafted six-digit figures from being social media influencers, affiliate marketers, bloggers and community journalists; but this field is limitless. Master the skills of e-commerce and social media as this can help boost your online presence, increase sales and up your online ratings due to search engine optimization (SEO).

3. Maximise your profession

Your current profession may be your ticket to entrepreneurship. If you are a teacher, school administrator, school coach or student therapist; then you will probably knock off before evening and have ample time off when the learners are on their quarterly school holidays. You can use this off time to activate and set up your entrepreneurial ambitions.

No matter what stage you are at or which career path you hope to follow, it is possible to embrace those skills and use them to fuel your entrepreneurial ambitions. Don’t miss a beat in pumping up on all the vital skills, from interpersonal communication, digital media, computer skills, language skills to mastering those much needed scarce skills. You owe it to yourself to grow. Beef up those skills without delay. There’s no better time than now.

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