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The ultimate Jozi food markets (and why we love them to bits!)

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Green living is more than cutting down on pollution. It is a lifestyle. It includes the way you eat, what you eat, your product choices and so much more. Nothing puts this into perspective more than the awesome Jozi food markets dedicated to offering healthier (or simply delicious) food.

There are many food markets all over the “City of Gold” (Jozi). Yet many are not worthy to be featured in our handpicked list. Here is our selection of food markets we simply can’t get enough of visiting. You’ve just got to love them.

Bryanston Organic Market

It is happening every Thursday and Saturday at the Bryanston Organic Market. What we love about it is that you don’t just go there to enjoy readymade dishes. You can also stock up on organic fruits and vegetables. It is a vegan, organic and gluten-free foodie’s paradise. The names of their food options like Organic Leaves say it all.

27 Boxes Market

Saturday mornings come alive at the 27 Boxes Market in Melville, Johannesburg. There is a large selection of cuisines for every palate. We can’t get enough of the vibe and the cronuts from XO Patisserie. If you are wondering what on earth is a cronut, you just got a reason to go see it for yourself (or just Google it if you don’t have a sweet tooth).

Maboneng’s Market On Main

There are many reasons why every Sunday the streets are packed to capacity at Maboneng’s Market On Main in Johannesburg Central. We love how you can simply start dancing on the streets, watch artists, buy something at the flea market stalls and along the road, before heading over to the many food stalls.

The pastries from the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School are a must try. There are also delicious dishes from across South Africa and the world at large. The informal and communal seating positions just tip the scales because they foster interaction amongst strangers with common interests.

Don’t just eat healthy on food market excursions. Learn to prepare food better with these 5 healthy cooking tips. You can also make your experience last by trying to get a few farm hacks that you can replicate in your student digz. Food markets show that a greener way of life can also be fun.

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