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Ugly Fashion – Love it or Hate it?

By September 14, 2018 No Comments

You know when people say that something ‘is so ugly, it’s actually cute’? That’s pretty much the gist of ‘ugly fashion’. The biggest trend to hit 2018. The uglier, the better. Think thigh-high Ugg boots. High-top sock tekkies and, of course, the one that puts every other item to shame, the high-heeled Croc.

If you thought Crocs couldn’t get any uglier, think again!

The Crocs Success

Crocs are one of those things that you either love or hate. There is no in-between. And there’s no denying the fact that there are many, many people who fall into the category of the former!

Did you know that to date, Crocs has sold over 300 million pairs of shoes worldwide? They also retail their shoes in over 90 countries around the globe and employ more than 4000 people.

And now they’ve unleashed their newest and arguably the most controversial creation. The high-heeled Croc.

The Cyprus V

Nope, we’re not joking. As you will already know unless you have been on a social media detox of late, Crocs has released a new ultra-comfy high-heeled shoe called the Cyprus V.

The shoe boasts a two-inch heel. And contain the brand’s signature foam foot-bed, promising all-day comfort. Furthermore, Crocs say they are very proud of the shoe’s ‘elegant’ strappy design. The shoes are designed for those who are looking for comfort, along with a bit of a height boost.

Like us, you’re probably wondering who on earth would buy them? And, like us, you’re going to be surprised to learn that they’re selling pretty well. In fact, the shoes are already completely sold out.

They’re so popular that Crocs heel owners are now re-selling their footwear on Amazon. Sometimes for six times the original price (which was around R500).

So, we want to know… what do you think of this trend?

Think you could pull off the high-heeled Croc?

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