Ever thought of your brain as a muscle?  Well, just as the muscles in our body lose tone when we don’t exercise, our brain also needs regular workouts to stay strong and healthy. If you keep your brain active, there’s a much better chance that you’ll still be completely ‘with it’ by the time you’re 90! Here are some ways to train your brain:


Reading something interesting and/or entertaining, whether that’s a book, magazine, newspaper or something online, keeps you well informed and improves your general knowledge. It also builds your vocabulary and writing skills too, as the brain subconsciously absorbs words and what good writing looks like. What’s more, if you choose your reading material carefully, it can be wonderfully relaxing too.


Writing of any kind forces you to think, which is obviously great exercise for the brain. You could keep a private journal where you write out your thoughts and feelings about that day’s events, or a notebook where you jot down brilliant new ideas that pop into your head. Alternatively, do crossword puzzles or play other word games, which, as an added bonus, also improve your problem-solving abilities. If you feel you’d like to share what you have to say with an audience, consider writing a book or even starting a blog.

Study or learn a skill

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a student and already on track here. Every time you learn something new, you stimulate your brain and improve the communication between individual brain cells. It doesn’t matter whether you learn a new language, teach yourself how to cook or take up dancing. So it stands to reason that studying, i.e. practising memorising and then recalling information, is a great way to keep your brain fit.


Science can now back up what the Eastern world has been claiming for thousands of years – that meditation is really good for us. It actually reshapes our brain, making us extra focussed and more creative, as well as less stressed and happier. If you’re a beginner, start with something simple like just focussing on your breath or listening to a guided meditation.

All these activities stimulate both the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of our brain. They can be fun and relaxing too, so why not get started on at least one of them right now?

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