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Traditional Varsity or Virtual Learning?

By Oct 26, 2020 No Comments

traditional or virtual learning?As most of the world transitions to online learning due, in part, to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many prospective students will be faced with the decision to pursue their diploma or degree online or at a traditional university campus. Here’s some advice when you’re weighing up the pros and cons of traditional varsity or virtual learning.

Varsity is about more than just coursework

Yes, your top priority when attending university will be to learn the skills that you need to enter your chosen field. However, most graduates will agree that going to varsity is about so much more than just working through your textbooks and going to lectures. It is about the experience, too!

Being at varsity is about embracing the feeling of being a ‘real’ adult for the very first time. It is about learning how to survive in your own digs, how to budget, do your own laundry, and cook your own meals. It is about meeting new people from different backgrounds and forming lifelong friendships. It is about finding out who you really are and figuring out what you really want. It is about starting your life and discovering how to lead it with confidence.

Is online learning the future?

It might seem that way right now – but most of us would like to think that the future holds a world where we don’t have to worry about face masks and keeping a 1,5m distance from everybody else.

There is no denying that virtual learning has its own set of advantages. For example, it promises maximum flexibility and is generally more affordable. It also ensures optimal safety during a time when all South Africans’ health is at risk. The question is, what are you giving up in the process?

The bottom line is that the varsity campus experience is chockfull of life lessons, adventures, and challenges that can help to equip a young individual with everything necessary to excel in their future career and personal life. It may or may not be the right path for you. However, it is important that you take the time to think about and reflect upon this deeply and honestly before making a final decision. Do not let our current times make the decision for you. COVID won’t be around forever. Do not let it rob you of any more joy or experiences than it already has.

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