Top Tips for Avoiding the Temptation to Overspend This Festive Season

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temptation to overspendThe festive season, The New Year and early birthday celebrations are always a time for indulgence, which often means that we are too quick to spend a bit extra here and there. Unfortunately, this overzealous seasonal spending can lead to some pretty serious penny pinching come the first quarter. So, how do you enjoy the special times of the year to the max without leaving too big of a dent in your savings account? Here are some tips.

Create a gift list

Create a gift list which outlines everyone that you need to buy a gift for. Assign each gift/person a specific budget and stick to it.

Give yourself a certain amount of wiggle room

A budget that is overly strict can lead to frustration and perhaps even push you to throw it out entirely. Rather give yourself a bit of a wiggle room so that you can spend a little bit extra when you need to without having to feel bad about it.

Cook at home

Try to avoid eating out at restaurants or ordering take out during this time of year. Those habits are sure to suck up every last cent you have before the festive season has even gotten into full swing. Instead, try your hand at cooking some yummy meals with the food you already have at home. You could also try your hand at baking your own Christmas goodies. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill!

Create new, inexpensive traditions

Instead of spending tons of money on an outing to a restaurant or to the cinema to watch the latest Christmas movie, start creating new, inexpensive traditions. These traditions should still allow for plenty of chance to make new memories but needn’t be anything too lavish. A picnic in the park or a leisurely walk around the botanical gardens is sure to prove just as enjoyable, especially if you do it with the people you love!

Play Secret Santa

Can’t quite afford to buy all of your friends and family members a gift this year? Suggest playing Secret Santa where everyone only buys one gift. You will save money, plus it’s heaps of fun trying to guess who bought what! Alternatively, DIY your Christmas presents.

Merry Christmas!

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