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The Top 3 Reasons Why a College Degree is Still Worth the Financial Burden

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Upon leaving school, young adults are often conflicted when it comes to making a decision. It’s a hard choice between studying further for a college degree, or taking the plunge and entering the job market immediately. The sad reality is that many will opt for the latter simply because they fear that they will not have the necessary money available to them in order to make ‘student life’ work.

While it almost certainly involves counting every cent for the next four or so years, getting a college degree or diploma is still worth the financial burden – and here’s why…

1. You’ll Earn More

In the long run, the amount that you earn when you get a job after graduating will be considerably more than what you would be making had you opted to forego a tertiary education altogether. According to research, it’s likely that you’ll eventually be earning double with a college degree (which can then be put to good use in order to pay off those student loans!).

2. You’ll Find a Job More Easily

While no amount of education can guarantee that you’ll be able to find a job, a degree is sure to make your life quite a bit easier in this regard. This is because degree-educated professionals are becoming fewer and fewer.  Yet there is still a high demand for this level of skill within the various industries in South Africa.

3. You’ll Feel More Satisfied

Do you want a job? Or do you want a career? With a degree or diploma behind your name, you’re much more likely to enjoy the latter. Whether this is due to the fact that you’ll be doing something you love, or simply due to the increased number of opportunities available to you. It goes without saying that, either way, it’s well worth the effort that you’ll put into your studies!

Ultimately, despite the need to morph into a serious penny-pincher for the duration of the course that you choose to study, at the end of the day, there’s no doubt that it will all be worth it.

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