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Top 10 food budgeting and grocery tips

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There’s more to cost cutting and food budgeting than what popular culture dictates. Mass media merely promotes the switch from junk food and takeaways to preparing your own meals. This is because you can have more control over what you eat and for the most part, save money when you opt for healthy cooking tips.

Yet there’s a lot that can be done to drastically lower your expenses regarding what you eat. We’ve hand-picked the easiest, but most effective hacks that can do wonders to your tummy and wallet.

Here’s a countdown to practical food budgeting and grocery tips that could help you to save even more money:

10. Switch to the cheaper store brands
9. Plan your meals around the savings on offer at stores near you
8. Be ready to improvise and substitute ingredients with what’s more affordable
7. Use food discount coupons
6. Buy the whole fruit and vegetable (peel and chop it yourself)
5. Double check your invoice for mistakes
4. Grow your own herbs
3. Buy fresh produce at farmer’s markets
2. Buy ingredients instead of fully prepared meals
1. Stock up on reduced food items that are dented, almost expiring and very ripe, or can be frozen

Advantages of taking charge of your food budget

Apart from the prospects of saving money, you can aspire to a healthier life. This is because when you prepare your own food, you control the amount of salt, oil and ingredients that go into it. Furthermore, making your meals from scratch helps you to be consciously aware of what you actually eat.

In order to know how much you actually saved, you need to know what you usually spend on food on a monthly basis. It helps to write down everything that you eat. Yep, that includes the sweeties, bunny-chows, night outs and pretty much all that you consume. Don’t forget the drinks as that can be a significant expense, although you should itemise that separately.

Take ownership of your budget and grocery list. What you eat is of utmost importance to your body. Make the right choices today. It is easy and can be fun. A little switching and a few tricks here and there can really go a long way.

It may require a little planning and the will to stick to it, but once you get the hang of it (and see the financial and vitality rewards), there will be nothing standing in your way.

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