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Top Tips on Hosting the Best Braai this Heritage Day without Spending a Fortune

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Sunday, the 24th of September is Heritage Day in South Africa. A truly special occasion where we all celebrate our unique cultures and diversity, soaking up that sense of pride and fully embracing what makes us who we are. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to fire up that braai

Here are our top tips for hosting the best braai this Heritage Day without spending a fortune in the process.

Split the Costs

Just because you’re the braai master amongst your group of mates definitely doesn’t mean that you should be the only one to bring the meat! Save some bucks by splitting all of the costs equally between your friends (and maybe convince them that because you’ll be the one wielding the braai tongs, you deserve a little bit of a discount!)

Be Strategic about Your Side Dishes

A few tasty side dishes are essential – but think twice before you opt to make something that requires a lot of ingredients. Simpler recipes can be just as delicious and won’t cost half as much! Think basic potato salads, green salads and perhaps a loaf or two of flavoursome garlic bread.

To braai or not to braai is never the question. What to braai when you are on a budget though should always be considered. Seasonal vegetables keep the costs down and still fill the spot. Skewer a mix of peppers, mushrooms, onions and baby tomatoes for an impressive side dish and throw some pre-boiled mealies on the braai for a great snack while you cook.

Get Everyone to Bring their Own Drinks

Let’s face it – what is a traditional South African braai without a dop? Unfortunately, as we know all too well, alcohol is expensive. Keep costs to a minimum by asking everyone to bring their own beers and do your wallet, as well as your body, a favour by resolving to drink responsibly instead of going all out!

Most importantly, don’t forget to take some pics of your best braai this Heritage Day and share them with us on our Facebook page! Happy Heritage Day, everyone

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