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Tips for propelling your future, even amidst a global pandemic

By Jun 26, 2020 No Comments

same storm different boatChances are to get to where you are; there was most likely some sort of plan. Perhaps, you had anticipated that you would be at such and such a point by now to advance your prospective career forward. Your plan may have involved giving up student life activities to get a new skill, signing up for societies of interest in tertiary and around your digz, volunteering to get some much needed practical experience or giving back by doing community work. Whatever your strategy was in propelling your future to move forward, with a global pandemic upon us, it cannot be business as usual. With that said, you need not throw in the towel, but instead adjust your sails.

Be kind to yourself

It’s not easy to suddenly evacuate from your digz and be restricted by a national lockdown, whatever the level. Change is never easy, particularly of this magnitude. Your studies may have been disrupted along with your plans for work vacations and other student jobs you may have liked to pursue. Perhaps you were hoping to populate your CV and do more.

Give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself. Remember, students across the world are also finding themselves “in the same storm, but not in the same boat” situation, and employers will understand that this was not an ordinary year.

Do more to understand yourself

While it is easy to get carried away by staying fixated on social media updates, giving to others and trying to do your bit to uplift your community; spare a thought for yourself each day. Take time to get to know yourself better. Take a good look at how you handle yourself in times of a crisis. Are you hopeless? Are you fixated on dreadful stats or can you see the silver lining? Are you able to identify prominent leaders that stay calm and think of innovative solutions? How are you feeling?

Confirmation upon confirmation

What disciplines are captivating your interests? In a crisis, everyone tries to come together for the sake of moving forward. Think of the journalists who report the news, the medical practitioners and experts who put themselves on the frontline, the caregivers who look after the elderly, the IT gurus who come up with innovative apps, and entertainers who dare to keep our spirits high even at such a time.

The options go on and on. Then think of your chosen line of study and prospective work. Is it something that you would love to do someday? If not, what steps can you take to think of a way forward? This is the time to reflect and find confirmation, even if only within you, that you are where you ought to be. Don’t just think about it, act. One way can be by updating your LinkedIn CV.

Career advancements may have taken a totally different shape, but that’s just life. Sometimes we need to adjust and learn to be resilient. Your future need not be dampened by a storm – come what may. Realign your posture. Get back in line and think of innovative ways to spread some light, even now. This is not the time to buckle in and die. Soldiers are made for battle. Start to engage in the battle for your future. It is not the end. We believe in you! You’ve got it in you to arise no matter the adversity. Dig deep and get back into formation.

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