Tip or Sanctuary?

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Have you ever noticed that when your environment is messy, life tends to be messy too?  Having your home in order can make all the difference between it being a tip you can’t bear to be in or your private sanctuary, where you can work and play in comfort. When your physical spaces are clean and uncluttered, your thoughts tend to be more focussed and it’s easier to relax and recharge.

So let’s do a trip through your space:

  1. Declutter

Go through your cupboards and surfaces and make a big pile of all the old things you have been hoarding, but actually no longer need, or which are past their usefulness but you just haven’t bothered to throw them out yet.  If someone else could use them, donate or sell them, otherwise thrown them away.

The amazing thing is that when you create space by getting rid of old stuff, some law of the universe very often attracts something new and better to fill that vacuum.  So if you want a new wardrobe or TV, clear out the old one!

  1. Find everything a home

Now you’re ready to deal with what’s left on the surfaces or just thrown in a drawer or cupboard shelf.  Invest in some cheap boxes or baskets to use as organisers (visit your local plastics warehouse, craft market or wrapping/packing shop).  Group similar things together and put them in a container or hang them on a hook.

  1. Clean

By now you can hopefully see some table and floor space appearing again.  It’s time to clean the surfaces and vacuum or sweep the floor to complete the process.  And voila! You have a home you want to be in again!

If it all seems too overwhelming, you could do this process in steps over a few days or weeks.  Once you have a system in place though, it’s much easier to maintain it. If you take something out, simply put it back when you’re done.  If you buy something new, immediately find it a spot to live.  Clean as you mess, and your home will stay a place you love to be!

Image credit:  Gennie Stafford via Flickr

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