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Three Tips on How to Cope When you’re not Coping

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When you feel as though you just aren’t coping

Students are all too familiar with those times when it feels as if you simply can’t hang on anymore. The pressures to meet unforgiving deadlines, balance work and social life and perhaps even juggle a part-time job to fund your studies; all that can simply get a bit overwhelming.

Other times it can be due to the love of your life letting you down, sexual harassment, family complications, ill health, spiritual slumber or many other reasons. Whatever the case, a day will come when you feel like you are not coping, but know you need to somehow get it together. Here are three simple, but life changing tips to keep you going against all odds.


Call yourself together. Collect your fragmented self, the disbelief, discouragement and come into oneness with yourself. In order to re-member, you need to realign your posture. Assemble every bit of hope left in you. Meditate on your situation until you see a way out. Repeat words that reaffirm strength and positive thinking. See the complete picture in your mind.


Remember what got you started in the first place. Remember that one big hurdle that almost got you to give up and how you overcame it to get to where you are now. Remember how desperately you wanted to get accepted by your institution, qualify for your course and study to follow your passion or your dream in the first place. So what if it may not have been your first choice, life has a way of bringing us to where we should be. Remember who you are and the dynamite strength within you.


If you are struggling with a course or subject, don’t do it on your own. Join a study group and do it together. Perhaps “membering” may mean attending tutorial classes, reaching out to a support group or therapist. There are times in life when there is just no need to walk alone.

Regardless of how hopeless it may seem/feel right now, you are coping and help is at hand. Reach out for it. Join hands with the right resources. You are never helpless.

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