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Three quick tips to keep your space tidy

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One thing that you’ll definitely come across living in digs is that everyone has their own way of keeping things tidy… or untidy.

Sharing living space with a group of young students can be challenging in this sense. It’s therefore important that you respect other people’s personal space, and one way of doing this is to keep your personal space tidy.

Here are three quick tips to keep things tidy.

  1. Keep track of your personal items 

Don’t let your things lie around the house unnecessarily. This doesn’t just cause clutter around the house, but it interferes with the household’s personal space as well.

Dedicate drawers or shelves in your room for personal belongings. Doing this will allow you to keep track of all your things, and keep your area tidy. Avoid putting things down “just for now.” As soon as something needs to be put away, practise doing it immediately.

  1. A clean lounge? Yes please!

There’s nothing worse than relaxing in the lounge after a long day and having dirty dishes all around you.

If you’re done with eating, take your dishes to the kitchen (and wash them yourself if you can). Typically, your digs will have rules around dishes, but at least take them to the kitchen when you’re finished.

It’s all too easy to put the plates aside “for now” and then forget it on the coffee table or on the floor next to you. If you make a habit of taking it to the kitchen as soon as you’re done, you’ll find that you are one step closer to keeping your personal area tidy.

  1. Rise and shine 

“Make your bed!”

Does this sound familiar? Your parents were right. Making your bed as soon as you wake up will set the scene for the rest of the day.

True, not everyone will be walking in and out of your bedroom, but it’s about respect and if you can respect your personal environment, it will be easier to respect others.

At the same time, you may as well pick up anything from the floor and pack it away. It’s the little things that can have such a great impact on the start of your day.

If you can focus on the small things, everything else will seem effortless and you’ll be less likely to leave mess around the house. Encourage your housemates to do the same. Remember, many hands make light work.

Keeping your space tidy

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