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The ultimate budget gifts for him and her

By Apr 1, 2019 No Comments

Your BFFs birthday is approaching. You see the “x” on the wall calendar, as the date approaches. Your spirit rises, and all is as it should be. That is until you realise that you don’t have a present! Unlike other birthdays where you can get by with just posting a birthday message on social media. This is different. For those instances, here’s a way to master awesome, yet cost-effective gifts for your peeps.

Buy bulk

One of the life skills that every student needs to master early on in life is that of budgeting. One way of saving money can be to bulk buy your pressies. The tip here is to get gender-neutral gifts. Various supermarkets offer “buy 2 and get 1 free” type of discounts. Think of facial masks, bubble bath or funny/special socks.

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

Why not show your friends how special they are? Make gifts that surpass timebound fashion trends. You can do a quick online search to find out how to make bath salt hampers or scented candles for your friends. The bath salts are great for relaxing. Candles shed light. Another idea that also spreads positivity is that of homemade birthday cards. You can whip them up together and give them out to peeps as and when demanded.

Vouchers with a personal touch

There are things that no amount of money can buy. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of kindness. Instead of buying your roomie a present, why don’t you offer to help them with something special, or spend time doing something for them? Create vouchers, decorate them, and give them out. Make the coupons clear. For example: “This voucher entitles you to three dishwashing services on your birthday month.” You can offer to take out the trash, cook, give them a massage, take their profile pics or whatever else you feel impressed in your heart.

At the end of the day, gifting is something that can be fun and inexpensive. Your gift does not need to be material things only. You can also give your creativity, time, and presence. You being there is enough. You can give your prayers. As a buddy, you can give the gift of being a shoulder to cry on and availing yourself when needed. That’s love. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Remember that it really is the thought that counts – and the loving heart behind the gifts.

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