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The summer vacation to-do list

By Oct 30, 2019 No Comments

summer vacation to do listI want to use my summer vacation to slave away – said no one ever. So why set unrealistic goals? Don’t. Do. It. Yes, you heard right: stop it! If you want to enjoy your much-needed break and switch off from exam stress and academic performance – yet still contribute towards your career aspirations… here’s the perfect vac to-do list.

Update your social media profiles

Sure, you’ve got to make time to upload your summer selfies and tag in those cool locations (if it is safe to do so), but there’s also more you can do. Update your LinkedIn CV, add a photo, see that your profile and headline are up to scratch. This is also the time you should check for any glaring mistakes on your resume (maybe even ask another peep to browse through it) and if need be, update stuff like your address, marital status, and driver’s license.

Clean up your social media accounts

Remember that your next recruiter may be online and that human resource consultants can do some “digging” on social media before deciding whether to invite you to an interview or not. It is therefore in your best interest to clean up your accounts – or at least make them private if you’ve got a couple of nudies and tend to swear like a skunk. Also, private or not, racial intolerance, bullying, trolling and anti-social online behaviour will most likely count against you.

Open up

Stop talking to yourself about yourself. Send out LinkedIn connection requests. Go to the settings page and click a button that reads: “Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities.” Send out networking emails, connect and follow-up on emails if you’re up to it. While you’re at it, if you’re feeling a bit brave, start sharing what’s on your mind (professionally of course) with your professional network. Apply for jobs, message, and be constructively active on the platform.

No fear

Use this time to put yourself out there for whatever great opportunities may come your way. Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen. The worst-case scenario is that you can be turned down or nothing happens. Even then, something has happened within you. You’ve allowed yourself to stretch and grow.

Make it a lifestyle of reaching out until something happens and even then, reach out some more for yourself and your peeps. Like the summer rays and blossoming flowers, we double-dare you to shine this season. This is your season. It’s now or never. Go for it! We believe in you and the power of your dreams.

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