The Rise of TikTok: All You Need Know About the New Social Media Craze

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TikTokIf you’re a shower singing champ, musical digz mate or a karaoke star, then you’ve probably heard of – a sort of karaoke platform. Yet as with the constant evolution of technology, there’s more: TikTok, the new name for the expanded version of the app.

If you think, it’s just a new name, social media myth or marketing gimmick, you could not be further away from the truth. The new app is interactive in many ways. It empowers users not just to watch videos, but also gives one the opportunity to create and upload videos.

More than a name change

When one considers that had millions of users who chose it as their app of choice to express themselves through various art forms such as singing, dancing and comedy; one can only wonder what’s the big deal (not to mention what happened to the subscribers). Fortunately, after merged with TikTok to form an even bigger and improved short-video community, users were moved to TikTok by default.

What makes TikTok tick?

For starters, it is undoubtedly one of the world’s most downloaded apps – and has more than half a billion users across the world! Unlike social media apps where music or videos are shared, users don’t have to choose as they can have the best of both worlds. Cool features are that other users can “react” to the cool music accompanying videos by creating a “duet” or filming their remarks.

There are also regular hashtag challenges. How can one not mention their user-friendly way of creating, editing, using filters and stickers to enhance your video before sharing it? All this makes it stand out from other apps. For easy navigation, the content is categorised into various topics such as arts, comedy, food, music and games.

There’s so much to love about this app. As with all things safety, you’ve got to exercise your rights and responsibilities when using it. To share in the positivity of expressing yourself through your videos or watching other peeps’ creations, download TikTok today!

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