Habits are those things we do without even thinking about it – “Should I?” or “I can’t be bothered” doesn’t even enter into the equation. Of course if they’re bad habits, this can work against us, and that’s definitely something to watch out for. If they’re good habits though, they can support us in living healthy and productive lives.

Consider making these positive habits part of your daily routine:

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

When our body knows at what time it can expect to get some rest and when it’s going to need to wake up, it sets its own internal clock. This helps to manage and regulate our energy levels during the day so we easily fall asleep at night and wake up feeling energised. Throw your internal clock a curve ball for a few days in a row and it gets confused, then we find our energy levels aren’t great until we get back into our routine.

Exercise at the same times every week
This is one of those times when being on autopilot can really work for you. You know that when you get back from that lecture on a Tuesday or when you wake up on a Thursday, you’re going to exercise. Before you know it, your body’s carried you through the process of getting ready and you’re getting a good workout – no thought required.

Spend a few minutes planning your day
Being clear on what’s really important to do today, and in what order, makes it far more likely that you’ll actually achieve it. Take five minutes to write your list down then tick it off as you go. Make a habit of doing it first thing when you wake up, over breakfast, while you’re brushing your teeth, or even the night before.

It takes some effort to set up your routine but once it’s in place, it can help you flow through your day, getting the really important stuff done almost effortlessly. It’s a no-brainer – just do it.


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