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The Power of Presence

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We all know people who seem to radiate an energy that attracts everyone around them, as well as opportunities that often seem to fall into their lap. Otherwise known as charisma or the “wow factor”, presence is a powerful force. It can be tricky to define, but when someone has it, it’s quite obvious.

It’s often referred to on TV programmes like The X Factor (yet another name for it), but it’s not just performers who benefit from having it. For example, in a job interview scenario, if two candidates have the same qualifications and experience, the company will usually select the one with more presence. That’s because we instinctively trust and want to follow people who display presence, and they often naturally make good leaders.

So how can we get this mysterious quality?

Get to know and like yourself

People with presence are comfortable in their skins, they have a health self-esteem. They know who they are and they’re not afraid to let others see their true nature either, because they accept and appreciate their uniqueness, as well as that of others. They come across as authentic and confident, and people want to be around them and support them.

Be continually growing

Just because they accept themselves, doesn’t mean they think they’re perfect. If anything, they’re often more aware of their flaws than the average person is. They don’t beat themselves up about their faults though or blame others when things go wrong. Instead they take responsibility for their lives and focus on how they can improve themselves and their circumstances.
Be positive

When they’re in a room, everyone knows it and not because they’re making a lot of noise (in fact they’re often really quiet), but because their positive energy fills the space. Their thoughts and words tend towards the positive too, and without even trying, they uplift and inspire those around them.

Although there are many books on personal development and plenty of information online, it’s not always easy to do this kind of internal work on your own. If you have like-minded friends, it helps to get together to discuss what you’re learning about yourself and to give each other feedback in a loving and constructive way.

Otherwise, consider joining a personal development course or group, where you’ll come into contact with others also interested in learning about and improving themselves. You’ll never look back!

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