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The Power of Afformations

By Oct 18, 2016 No Comments

There’s a new buzz-word out there in personal development circles: “Afformations”. Previously, it was all about “affirmations”, which came to people’s attention in the movie The Secret.

Affirmations have been hyped as a way to get whatever you want by simply repeating a short phrase about it, like “I easily pass all my exams” or “I’m beautiful/sexy/gorgeous ”. Adding the feeling of having what you want also boosts its effectiveness. If you’ve ever tried affirmations though, with or without feeling, you may have found that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

According to Noah St John, who came up with the idea of afformations, this is because there is a critical part of our mind that immediately starts picking holes in our statement. For example, as we say “I easily pass all my exams”, that other part of our brain comes back with “No I won’t – I’m not clever enough/don’t study enough/etc”.

To bypass this self-sabotaging voice, we can phrase our statement as a question instead, like “Why do I easily pass all my exams?”. Because of the way our brain works, it immediately starts looking for all the reasons we could easily pass our exams. So it may come up with suggestions like, “Because I attend a study group and really get to understand the material” or “Because I set aside time to study every day”. We then naturally tend to want to follow through on these, as we’re essentially programming passing our exams as a fact, and then it’s just a matter of what we do to make it happen.

As another example, we might say “Why am I beautiful/sexy/gorgeous?” Our brain then starts to look for all the ways we already are, for example, “Because I have lovely eyes/hair/skin” or “Because I have a wonderful personality”, etc, until we start to actually feel gorgeous and radiate that out to other people too.

How to use afformations

  • Think about what you want and create a statement around it.
  • Turn it into a short, positive, present-tense question beginning with the word “Why…?”
  • Repeat the afformation/s several times a day, preferably aloud but in your head works too, especially when you least feel you have what you want.
  • Pay attention to the suggestions your brain gives you back.

Why do I so successfully use afformations? Because I can and because they work!!

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