The Perfect Varsity ‘Care’ Box to Send to Your Student

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Varsity Student Care Box

A child ‘flying the nest’ is enough to generate anxiety and sadness in the hearts of most parents. Despite feeling proud of your child and excited about their future, you can’t help but miss them being by your side, and worry about the financial hardships that they may face along the way.

Believe it or not – your college-bound kid is likely to feel the same way, even if they won’t admit it! Share the love by sending a care box to them in their student digz. Here are our top recommendations in terms of its contents.


As you know all too well, a student’s budget can be tight. With so many essentials to pay for, it’s likely that your young adult will start to put luxuries, like self-care products, much lower down on their grocery list – often doing without them completely. With this in mind, items like deodorant, body lotion and a good quality shampoo are sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Whether it’s a recent snap of their favourite pet or a DVD that they used to love when they were little, something familiar and nostalgic is sure to help them get through those tough days that are an inevitable part of campus life.

Comfort Food

Proper nutrition while at varsity is important – it’s the brain food that your young student needs to maximise his or her potential! But sometimes they just need a bit of comfort food to indulge their cravings! Unfortunately, that stuff is expensive, so it’s unlikely they will be able to treat themselves when they feel the need. So why don’t you go ahead and treat them instead? Think chocolate, biscuits and chips. The occasional naughty nibble never hurt anyone.

A Loving Letter

When stress levels soar as high as that pile of textbooks on their desk, some warm, loving words from home can make all the difference when it comes to composing themselves! Write your young student an encouraging, positive letter and remind them how proud you are of how hard they’re working and what they’ve managed to achieve so far. You’d be amazed at how much better this letter will make a student feel when they’re feeling depressed or de-motivated.

Late-Night Study Must-Haves

Burning the midnight oil is part and parcel of student life. A charming care package will be made all the more valuable if you include a few late-night study must-haves as part of its contents. Think caffeine, comfy PJs and study music (classical music is always a winner).

Something Relaxing

Help your student take the edge off by sending them something that they can use to help them relax. If money is tight, some bubble bath is sure to do the trick. However, if you can afford a bit extra, a voucher to get a massage at a nearby spa or to attend a local yoga class is even better.

If in doubt, ask your child exactly what they need. A little help here and there will never go unnoticed or unappreciated – but what’s even more appreciated than a care package? Knowing that your loved ones back at home care and support you enough to send you one!

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