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The law of attraction – Is thinking about something enough?

By Oct 4, 2019 Oct 7th, 2019 No Comments

Hands up if you’ve thought about winning the Lotto. What about owning a successful business, driving a flashy sports car and having loads of moolah. In fact, you’ve probably even thought of finding Mr or Mrs right, moving out of student accommodation and living in a mansion. Maybe even being the president of some social media powerhouse. It’s okay to think about something. That’s a fundamental part of the Law of Attraction. But thinking about something does not guarantee that it will happen.

Thinking alone won’t cut it

We can all think of a whole lot of things, but unless you actually have an action plan and go for it, things will always remain the same. Besides thinking about something, you need to set clear goals and adopt a positive attitude. So yes, we do agree it starts by thinking about something. But if that’s all there is to it, you might as well throw in the towel or hope, against hope, that you’re that one in a billion whose numbers get chosen.

Break the limitations of time

When you have a clear visualisation of what you want as well as a plan, let the Law of Attraction take its course. For starters, you need to combat the internal blockers in your mind telling you that it will take a lot of time for the ball to get rolling. Talk to yourself if need be, but whatever you do, get rid of limitations. You can achieve your goal if you sharpen your willpower. Just because it took someone else 50 years does not mean that it will take just as long for you. If it means putting in more work from your side, then go for it. You can – and will – reach your goals.

Know the origin

Naysayers believe that the Law of Attraction is part of wishy-washy new-age philosophies. Those against it compare it with grasping at thin air and thinking that it will not amount to any substance. Advocates of this law believe it is from religion, beliefs, faith and even Newton’s Law of Gravity.

Whether you’re for or against it, one thing is uncontested. It is that you need to have a clear vision in life. Take steps of aligning yourself, albeit mentally, to win. Mental health is vital in achieving your goals. While it can all start with a thought, please, may that not be where your story of success ends.

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