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The Latest Insta Trend – Has our quest for beauty gone too far?

By Nov 22, 2019 No Comments

Has our quest for beauty gone too farInstagram has seen its fair share of weird beauty trends over the years, including sunburn inspired make up, fishtail eyebrows, and flower vase hair to name a few. But it’s safe to say that the most recent trend takes the cake. Insta beauty stars are officially gluing their top lip to their face in order to give the illusion of a fuller pout. All that we have to say is WTF??

Where it originated

This strange beauty trend was started by users of Tik Tok, which is a free social media app that lets you watch, create, and share videos, most commonly to a soundtrack of the top hits in music.

How they are doing it

Most people who are giving the trend a try are sticking their lip to their face using the glue that you would usually use to apply false lashes, hence the reason why #lashglue is trending on various social media platforms at the moment. Some are even taking the already weird trend to the next level and gluing their bottom lip too. The result? Fish lips that look as though you have recently injected a ton of filler into them. Basically, a Kylie Jenner pout on steroids!

Why they are doing it

Obviously, the beauty world is all about ‘the bigger, the better’ these days… and that goes for lips too. Beauty fans are following the trend simply to make their pout appear fuller and more luscious, even if just for long enough to snap a selfie or film a short video.

Why you shouldn’t try it

Well, aside from it just being a bit much, dermatologists have also warned that it could cause damage to your skin. Never mind the fact that the trend contributes to unrealistic beauty standards which have become extremely dangerous for teens and young adults.

Regardless of how popular it is right now across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, here’s hoping that the trend doesn’t stick.

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