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The Ketogenic Diet: We’ve Got the Facts for You to Chew On

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ketogenic dietThe ketogenic diet is pretty phat. Literally. It’s all about eating foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates and has been around for many years before becoming the trendy diet fad that it is today.

It originated as a diet used to treat and manage specific medical conditions, such as diabetes. Nowadays, it’s hailed as a miraculous diet for weight loss. Interested? We’ve got the skinny below…

What Are the Staple Foods?

Basically, about 70% of the foods that you eat need to be rich in healthy fats, with the remainder made up of fruit, veggies, protein and as few carbs as possible. This means eating plenty of avocados, nuts, eggs, fish, cheese, steak, chicken, yoghurt and oils (preferably coconut oil).

What Are the Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?

Well, if all of its die-hard followers are anything to go by, the key benefit is weight loss. But that’s not the only reason why you might want to try this diet out for yourself. Research has shown that it may also help to encourage better blood sugar control, reduce your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and lower your blood pressure.

Is Alcohol a No-Go?

Every party-loving student will be wondering this before deciding to embrace the ketogenic way of life. The good news is that you can still drink on this diet as long as you stick to pure liquor or dry wines. Beer and cocktails are a no-no.

What Makes Keto Different from Other Low-Carb Diets?

Most other low-carb diets, like the infamous Atkins diet, promote a protein-rich eating plan with moderate amounts of fat. The ketogenic diet, on the other hand, promotes a fat-rich eating plan with moderate amounts of protein.

Is it Safe?

If followed mindfully and for a short period of time, the ketogenic diet is considered to be safe. However, long-term carbohydrate restriction can take its toll on your energy levels. The diet is also generally quite low in fibre which could lead to digestive issues.

Which Celebrities Follow the Diet?

Halle Berry, who is also a diabetes sufferer, follows the keto diet, as does Vanessa Hudgens and Kourtney Kardashian to name a few.

Remember – it’s always best to consult with your doctor before embarking on a new diet, especially if you are overweight or suffer from other health problems.

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