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The Ins and Outs of Choosing Student Accommodation

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student digzWhen you head off to varsity, you generally have four options when it comes to choosing student accommodation. You can choose to remain at home. You can look into private, off-campus accommodation. You can investigate residences affiliated with the university that you’ll be attending, or you can go for student digs. Below, we highlight what each of these mean, why they’re different, as well as each option’s pros and cons.

Living at home

For those students who happen to live relatively close to the university at which they are studying, continuing to live at home with your parents is a worthwhile consideration for the duration of your studies. Doing so will often help you to cut costs and manage your time more effectively (many students have the luxury of their parents helping them with daily tasks like laundry and meal preparation – just remember to do your bit, too!).

However, if your home is far away from campus, this might not be a viable choice, especially when you factor in the cost and time associated with travelling to and from varsity every day. You also need to think about the fact that you won’t have as much freedom as you would if you decided to live away from your family.

Private, off-campus student accommodation

This refers to accommodation that isn’t affiliated with universities in any way and is up for grabs for anyone looking to rent, regardless of whether they are a student or not. The primary benefit here is privacy – you could opt to live completely alone in a garden cottage – or, at the minimum, have the freedom to choose who lives with you. You can organise with a friend or family member to move in with you and cover a portion of the rent.

The downside is that this type of accommodation is usually the most expensive, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to find something suitable within close proximity to campus.


Residence accommodation is usually located on-campus for maximum convenience and is run by the university itself. You share your space with a roommate and can pay an additional fee to have your meals covered too. Although relatively cheap, residence living is often quite cramped. On top of this, the general upkeep of the building sometimes isn’t quite up to scratch.

Student digs

Student digs, like those on offer at Student Digz, present a similar set-up to residence living. With Digz there is the exception of better quality and living with other students attending many different universities in the area. You also have the choice of a single room (where you live alone) or sharing a room with other students for a cheaper monthly rental cost. Here at Student Digz, we provide you with four building options:

  • Baker House
  • Argyle Centre
  • Dudley Heights
  • Skyways

Be sure to check out our student accommodation page for more details!

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