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The big question and how to answer it – What motivates you?

By April 25, 2019 No Comments

Asif Akbar - What motivate youIt is possible to breathe without being truly alive. Likewise, you can have all the talent in the world and skillset but walk away from that job because it does not speak to your core. It is not enough to have knowledge when it is disconnected from who you truly are. You need to know what motivates you.

Future employers know the importance of this question and often sneak it in to find out about your natural inclinations, passions, and intrinsic motivations. It is a seemingly innocent, but loaded question.

Next time you’re at a job interview to try out at student jobs or propelling your career forward; here are our tips for answering the question of questions – that being, what motivates you?

A strategic approach to the answer

Knowing that this is not just a question that is out to get a superficial answer; you can be better prepared. To do this question justice, you need to have a two-step approach for your response. That being to initially describe why you entered into your line of work or studies (and your love for it) and secondly, make it clear how your craft is beneficial to your potential employer.

Love for your craft

Love and passion are great motivators for employers. An employee who is in the craft because of love will often give more than one who is only doing what they do to pay the accounts. If, for example, you are a journalist, you can say that you love giving the voiceless a voice. If you are a public relations officer, you can say that you entered the market to share compelling stories that can enrich the lives of your end-users.

Explain why your future employer needs you

Remember also to state how this can be beneficial to your potential employer. For example, you can say how your commitment towards sharing compelling stories and making known the voices of the voiceless has led you to generate an in-depth understanding of new media (including digital and social media), traditional media or whatever the medium, so that you can tailor make your articles to keep them relevant for the medium.

Remember to answer with confidence and to be yourself so that you can showcase the best in you, your personality and inherent problem-solving skills.

You know how they say the world is waiting for originals? It is true. There are enough copies and counterfeits. You need to open up to what is and allow yourself to shine. Dream awake. Most importantly, just show up to your interview and do it afraid. There’s no stopping you from there.

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