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The Benefits of a Flexitarian Lifestyle

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flexitarian lifestyleWhat if we told you that you could save money, lose weight, go ‘green’, and boost your health all at once by making a simple lifestyle change? It’s true… and it is all possible through a Flexitarian diet. Here is everything that you need to know.

What is a Flexitarian?

A Flexitarian is someone who follows a diet that consists mostly of plant-based, unprocessed foods, but who occasionally eats meat and other animal by-products. Essentially, it is far less restrictive than a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but still allows you to reap many of the same benefits.

The benefits

There are countless benefits to becoming a Flexitarian. For example:

  • A Flexitarian diet will help you to save money: As we all know; meat is the most costly item on our grocery lists. Think how much money you would save each month by simply reducing the amount of meat that you eat.
  • A Flexitarian diet will help you to lose weight: Meat is known to be quite high in fat, which is obviously high in calories and extremely bad for your arteries. By reducing the amount that you eat, and steering clear of processed foods, a certain amount of weight loss will inevitably follow.
  • A Flexitarian diet is a ‘greener’ approach to eating: The meat production industry is known to be a sizeable contributor to climate change and global warming. In fact, Livestock as a whole is estimated to be responsible for around 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By avoiding eating a lot of meat, you will be doing your ‘bit’ for the earth.
  • A Flexitarian diet will boost your health: Less meat means less cholesterol, and less cholesterol means lower blood pressure and a healthier heart.

The rules

The beauty of Flexitarianism is that there are no rules. The only goal is to reduce your meat consumption as far as is comfortable and convenient for you. Most Flexitarians will eat meat just 2 – 3 times a week. But how much you decide to cut out is entirely your choice.

In order to make this new lifestyle sustainable, try to focus more on introducing good foods rather than cutting out ‘bad’ ones. Fill up on seeds, eat more fruit and veggies, and move over to wholegrain bread. You will notice a tremendous difference in your health and mood in general almost immediately.

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