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The Art of Space Saving

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When you’re living in a small place on a budget, it pays to be clever about how you organise things. With a little thought, you can maximise your space while still keeping things neat and tidy.

Rooms look messy and cluttered when the surfaces are covered with stuff, so one easy way to achieve almost instant tidiness is to make sure everything has a place to live. Keeping your surfaces as clear as possible gives you room to work and creates an illusion of space.

Try these ideas:

In the kitchen

  • Hang coffee cups from hooks under shelves or cupboards.
  • Hang pots, pans and utensils either from hooks on a wall or from a rail.
  • Mount racks on the wall or behind the door to store spices and cans of food.
  • Use hanging baskets to store fresh fruit and veg.
  • Save floor space with a foldable table and stackable chairs that can be put against the wall when you’re not using them.

In the bedroom

  • Buy or recycle some cheap containers which fit under the bed and use them to store things you only use occasionally.
  • Attach a cord to the inside of your cupboard door to hang belts and scarves.
  • Invest in a hanging shoe bag.
  • To expand your cupboard space, create a budget version of tiered hangers by using the tab from a cool drink can – slip the one hole over the top of a wire hanger, and use the second hole for another hanger.

In the living room

  • Use cheap and interesting containers to store different types of objects, like a bowl for the remote controls, a small basket for keys and a box for the mail.
  • Side tables or stools with a shelf or storage space underneath hide clutter well.
  • Mount the TV on the wall (on a strong shelf or bracket!).
  • Free up floor space by getting rid of bookcases and moving their contents to wall-mounted shelves.

To maintain the order in your newly organised space, get into the habit of automatically putting things where they belong. Then once a week or so, do a quick sweep through to see what escaped its spot and return it there. Before you know it, your space will be neat as a pin again!
Space saving

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