Going back to varsity

4 Ways to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Going Back to Varsity After the Holidays

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Going back to varsityWe blinked and the New Year was already upon us, the festive season an already distant memory. As we soak up what’s left of the summer holidays, many of us choose not to think about the perplexing reality that is going back to varsity.

Chin up – here are four ways to mentally prepare yourself and to motivate your mind to make 2019 your most successful year yet!

Slowly Re-establish Your Routine

Been spending late nights nestled in front of the TV binging on the most popular Netflix series? A week or two before heading back to varsity, start re-establishing your old routine. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up a little bit earlier if you can comprehend doing so (it’s a tough ask, we know!).

Returning to your old routine gradually will make it seem a lot less depressing.

Visualise Your Goals

Do your best to get excited about the many things that you want to achieve this year and visualise exactly how you plan on achieving them. Setting goals and allowing yourself to experience the emotions that are likely to follow once you manage to turn them into reality will give you that boost of inspiration that you need to start 2019 on a positive, productive note.

Get a Head-Start

While starting on your required readings when the holidays are still in full swing is probably the absolute last thing you feel like doing, come February, you’ll be so glad you did. It will make those first few weeks of being back seem endlessly less overwhelming, giving you plenty of time to readjust without feeling stressed.

Like Every Remaining Moment

Stop feeling depressed about the holidays coming to an end. Instead, make an effort to thoroughly enjoy what’s left of them. Savour as much time with friends and family as you can, treat yourself to an extra slice of cake, get a mani/pedi, lounge around in the garden. At least when you eventually do go back, you’ll know that it was a holiday well spent.

The Student Digz team wishes you a happy, healthy and successful year ahead. Make it happen!

smoking dagga in SA

#Dagga is Legal in South Africa – We Answer Your Most Burning Questions

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smoking dagga in SAOn the 18th of September 2018, Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo, delivered the judgement that had South African marijuana smokers celebrating. The private use of dagga is now legal. However, it’s not really as simple as that. There are a few details that you need to know in order to follow the new law. We’ve got the facts below.

So, Can I Smoke Weed Legally Now?

Yes, you can. However, you can only do so in your private capacity. That means you are within your rights to smoke marijuana, but only on your home premises.

  • Can I Smoke Weed Outside of My Home?

No, you can’t. If you are caught smoking weed outside of your home, you can still be prosecuted.

  • Is It Legal for Me to Sell Weed?

No. Selling weed to others is still illegal. It’s also still illegal to buy it.

  • Can I Grow My Own Weed Then?

If done at home, yes. You are entitled to grow your own marijuana.

  • Is It Legal for Me to Carry Weed On Me When I’m Not At Home?

As long as it remains in your pocket or bag and is of a reasonable amount to be considered acceptable for private use, it is legal to carry marijuana on your person outside of your home. Having said that, this aspect of the law is still hazy. Due to this fact, the police have been instructed to deal with these instances on a case by case basis. Hence, it is probably safer to keep your marijuana at home.

  • Is There a Restriction on the Amount of Weed That I’m Allowed to Have at Home?

There is likely to be, yes. However, the government is still working on finalising this aspect of the new law.

  • Can Anyone Smoke Dagga in Private?

No. There is definitely going to be an age restriction implemented. However, the government is also still deciding what this specific age restriction will be.

Remember that if you do choose to smoke marijuana recreationally, it’s important to do so responsibly and in moderation. The World Health Organisation emphasises the fact that while the plant does come with its medical benefits, frequent smoking of dagga can lead to psychiatric side effects, memory loss and lung disease.

How do you feel about the #dagga legalisation in South Africa? Share your thoughts and opinions on our Facebook page.

The good and bad of relationships

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From friends with benefits to hookups

Let’s talk about sex. Cause it’s a fact of life that we all like having sex, and nothing quite beats that feeling of intimate pleasure. The question is, are you all about casual hookups or are you after something more deeply emotional? Do you even know what you really want?

It’s important to find out, and equally important to communicate your expectations. Not doing so can lead to all kinds of nasty things like shattered hearts and broken friendships! We’ve broken down the pros and cons of friends with benefits, casual hookups and committed relationships to help you decide.

1. Friends with benefits

You’re already friends, and decide to take the friendship into the bedroom without the complications of an official romantic relationship.

The pros of friends with benefits

There’s no commitment which can make life seriously complicated, but you already know each other well, so there is an emotional connection. This means you’re already comfortable around them. Although you should still both get tested for STDs and practice safe sex, there’s always something inherently safer about sleeping with someone you know rather than a complete stranger.

The cons of friends with benefits

Because you already have an emotional attachment in the form of friendship, it’s highly likely that one of you will catch feelings and want something more. This is a problem if you don’t both feel the same way and it can damage your friendship, possibly irreparably.

2. Casual hookups

You meet up at a bar or using a dating app, spend the night together, then go your separate ways. You don’t have to see each other again and there’s no commitment involved.

The pros of casual sex

No commitment – which is great if your life is already busy enough with classes, work and friends and you don’t have time for a proper relationship. There’s no expectation to provide emotional support for each other, plus you’ll save money on date nights because it’s really just about the sex.

The cons of casual sex

For some people, sex creates the feeling of attachment so casual hookups may leave you feeling empty. Not to sound preachy, but even though the sex may feel good, it’s never as good as it could be with chemistry and an emotional connection. Then there’s always the risks of sleeping with a stranger – STDs and such. Always use protection and engage in safe sex, no matter what.

3. Committed relationships

You make a decision to enter into a relationship that involves both a sexual and emotional connection. You see each other regularly and spend time together, doing things that don’t always involve having sex.

The pros of committed relationships

You know that you are there for each other, not just for sex but for everyday things. This can be very comforting and help you build a strong connection with each other. You develop a deep friendship over and above your sexual relationship. A relationship can help you learn to be less selfish and be more considerate about another person’s needs.

The cons of committed relationships

Relationships take hard work and are time-consuming. Time that you would usually spend by yourself or with your friends has to be shared with your significant other. If you don’t like being tied down, a relationship is not for you because it requires being emotionally supportive and monogamous. Because there are emotions involved, there’s also the chance that someone is going to get hurt if things don’t work out.

4. Communication is key!

Whether you choose to engage in casual sex or seek out a committed relationship, it’s so important to speak about what you want and what you expect! Remember, whatever type of relationship – casual or not – there are always two people involved. It’s not just about you. Respect the other person’s feelings and be honest about what you want, so there are no misunderstandings.

The Ecobrick Trend: A How-To Guide

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Keen to start living a greener lifestyle but not sure how or where to start? Introducing the ecobrick trend – the easiest way to save the earth and really make a difference.

What is an ecobrick?

According to ecobricks.org, an ecobrick is “a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.” Ecobricks make it possible for us to take personal responsibility for our plastic waste, turning it into something that is put to good use.

Ecobricks can be used to make furniture, build walls and modernise garden spaces. At the moment, the Endangered Wildlife Trust is working on a project called the Urban Conservation Programme in which ecobricks made by the public will be used to improve the grounds of 12 schools in Hammanskraal. You can donate your ecobricks to the project by dropping them off in the collection boxes at participating Pick ‘n Pay stores.

How do I make one?

You’ll need a plastic bottle (any size will do) and a long stick (a wooden spoon will suffice). You basically stuff your plastic into the bottle and compress it using your stick as you go. You will be amazed at just how much plastic can go into one ecobrick!

The secret is to make the ecobrick as dense as possible – the more it weighs, the better. Ideally, it should weigh at least a third of the volume of the bottle you use. For example, if it is 6a 00ml bottle, it should weigh at least 200g.

What can I put into my ecobrick?

Anything that isn’t biodegradable can be added to your ecobrick. Sweet wrappers, Styrofoam, plastic wrap, cellophane, chips packets, straws and plastic bags are all fair game. Just make sure that everything you use is clean and dry before putting into the ecobrick.

And that’s pretty much it. It couldn’t be simpler or require less effort to make such a massive difference! If everyone started ecobricking, just think of the benefits, it would have in terms of the long-term sustainability of our planet. So spread the word – future generations will thank you for it.

Your Guide to Surviving a South African Summer Festival

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Let the good times roll – summer festival season is here! And we all know what that means… sun, sweat, fast food, cold beer, late nights, incredible music and lots and lots of dirt and dust. Here’s our guide to making it through a South African summer festival (relatively) unscathed.

Know What to Wear

While fashion definitely has its place, you’ll need to plan carefully when it comes to what you’ll be wearing. This is true for two reasons – firstly, rest assured that it’s going to be HOT out there and, secondly, you’re going to be on your feet a lot more than you’re used to.

With this in mind, you’ll want to don something lightweight (preferably breathable cotton) and pair it with some sensible shoes that are at least somewhat mud and rain-proof. Lastly, in an effort to avoid returning home completely burnt to a crisp, you’ll probably also want to wear a hat!

Know What to Bring

Sunscreen and sunglasses should be number one on your list. Other than that, you’ll need:

  • A large water bottle that you can refill as needed – this is great for keeping hydrated and it also doubles up as a hygiene must when you’re in need of a quick cleanse – there won’t be any showers in sight and, considering the heat and the manic dancing you’ll likely be doing, things can get pretty stinky pretty fast! Oh, and did we mention, DUST?
  • Plasters – developing a blister or two is pretty much unavoidable no matter how practical your footwear may be.
  • Torch – if you’ll be camping out at the venue, you’ll need a handy torch for those midnight toilet breaks!
  • Cash – bring a fair amount along with you. It’s safe to say that most festivals won’t be credit card-friendly.
  • Your ID or driver’s license – we’re pretty sure that you’re going to want to indulge in a beer or three…

Our last words of advice on surviving a summer festival

If you want to have a real jol and truly enjoy the experience from start to finish, always remember that comfort is key! Embrace the dirt, the hangovers and those achy muscles you’re bound to feel as a result of getting your boogy on – it’s all part of the fun!

Finally, be sure to take plenty of pics and don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Pixabay

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

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You know the saying: “There is always light at the end of the tunnel” and in my situation my Light is Studentdigz.

My name is Teboho Mofokeng a nineteen (19) year old student from Lawley currently studying at the University of Johannesburg.

Growing up I was always an academically inclined, who loved to study so completing my matric was a dream come true under my difficult circumstances. I always wanted to be an independent person so after completing my matric I knew I had to pursue my studies in higher education. Coming from a very disadvantaged background I knew that finance was always an issue but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams.

Studentdigz was introduced to me by dearest friend Tshpang Sesogag he told me about how cool the place and my curiosity got the better of me and had to check out the place. When I arrived at Studentdigz I was amazed by what I saw, the place is exceptional. There is 24-hour security and fully furnished rooms, a free laundry and a transport to school.

Coming to the Studentdigz letting office I had nothing besides a letter from a social worker, my Identity document and a student card. I was taking a chance as I did not know that they offered accommodation bursaries, but when I met the friendly staff I had hope and faith that they were able to help me.

My situation was a sensitive one but the team at Studentdigz showed how much they actually care by offering me an accommodation bursary for the entire year.

Throughout every conscious effort there’s always a reward in place. Perseverance, persistency and being optimistic are the results of me being where I am today and this is thanks to Studentdigz.

Thank you to Studentdigz for believing in my dreams and helping me when no one else could.

Teboho Mofokeng