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Digz Living 101

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So you’re leaving home and moving into your very own digs? The most awesome part of life is about to begin! Moving out of home can be a big step, but if you get settled quickly and ease into your new style of living, you’ll love every minute – here is a quick guide to digs living for first-timers.

The Digz Lifestyle

If you’re about to leave home and move into digs, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to have your own apartment. The biggest difference between living at home and sharing digs is that you have more freedom to live the way you want – but there are still some rules to follow. Make sure you know the house rules and do your best to follow them.

Living with new people

When you share digs with other students, you’ll be moving in with people you probably don’t know. If you’re easy around people and make friends in a flash, you shouldn’t have a problem getting along with your roomies, but even if you’re a quiet person you won’t find it too difficult being around new people – it’s a great time to make new friends!

Keeping your digz clean

Your digz will be cleaned from time to time by a Student Digz employee, but you’ll need to keep your living space clean and neat the rest of the time. When you first move in, take some time to chat with your roomies about how neat and clean your space should be, and set up a schedule to make sure that you keep things looking fresh. You’ll avoid arguments later on, and your living space will be easy to chill and study in!

Cooking and eating

If you’re used to being fed “on demand” at home, you’ll need to get used to cooking and buying food for yourselves. If you’re sharing digz you can take turns to cook, and if you’re lucky one of your roomies might be a wannabe TV chef and cook up some tasty food each week! If you don’t have any great cooks in your digz, you may have to explore the cheap and tasty food options just outside your building.

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