Time Management Skills

Time Management 101

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Is this your first year at college or university? Then listen up, because the info we’re about to give you could make your life that much easier!

The number one complaint most students have when they first start university has to do with time and work load – compared to high school, the amount of work you’ll have to do each week is huge, and you only have so many hours in a day.

Before you freak out, here is a quick guide to time management that will help you get your studies on the right track.

What is time management?

If you feel like there’s so much to do at varsity and so little time, you’re right! With studies, sport, clubs and societies, and your social life, you’ll have to work smart if you want to achieve your goals. Time management is a skill that will let you use your time wisely – here are some things you can do right now to improve your time management:

  • Make a list – of all your subjects, the books you need, and the dates of your tests and assignments. Make sure that you have a timetable with your lecture times so you don’t end up being late or missing classes.
  • Schedule time – for studying, relaxing, sport, and chilling with friends. You should study at least one to two hours for every hour of lectures you attend, but once you’ve revised your work you should also make time to relax and recharge your brain!
  • Don’t cram! – Most students leave their studying for the night before a test or exam, and stay up all night finishing assignments. When you do this, your brain has to work under stress and while your body is tired – the results won’t be good! Rather study a few hours each day, and revise your lectures in the evening so you still remember the ideas your lecturers shared with you that day.

We’ll be focussing on the details of time management in later blog posts, giving you tools you can use to achieve your study goals – look out for our time management blog posts each month!

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